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Circular Saw Kit Mounts On Chain Saw
Chain saws make powerful circular saws with four times as much power and safety features you don't get with an ordinary power saw, according to Noah Coblentz, manufacturer of a new conversion kit for chain saws.
Coblentz came up with the idea as a way to get more use out of his chain saw, which he only used once a year to cut up a few cords of firewood. He now uses it as a powerful wood cutter and also cuts steel with it using an abrasive cut-off wheel. In addition, he can fit it with a masonry wheel, he says. "It's the handiest tool I've found for cutting cement blocks, bricks or building stones because it's got so much power," says Coblentz.
His kit is designed to fit all inboard clutch chain saws on the market. In most cases, it simply slides onto the regular splined clutch. An alternative clutch drum is supplied for other models.
"The add-on components are built much heavier than ordinary circular saws with super heavy-duty aluminum castings, roller and ball bearings, driveshafts, and carbon steel gears. The table is 1/4-in. thick polished aluminum.
"The best part is that it eliminates the need for an electric cord. If you're working in a remote area, you don't need a genera-tor."
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Noah Coblentz, Canadian Circular Saws, Rt. 4, Aylmer, Ontario N5H 2R3 Canada.

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