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Giant Auger Moves 175 BU/Minute
"It has a capacity of 175 bu./min. and can unload a 350-bu. truck full of corn in about 2 min. It's almost as fast as dumping grain into a pit," says David Fathauer, Dalton City, Ill. about the big 17-in. dia., 40-ft. long auger he built that's powered by a 50 hp electric motor.

Fathauer designed and assembled the auger using heavy duty components manufactured for commercial grain elevator augers, including a 17-in. dia. tube, a 16-in. screw suspended inside the tube by a series of bearings, and a gear reduction drive system mounted on top of the auger. The stationary auger moves grain into a 3,000-bu. wet holding bin that feeds a continuous flow dryer.

"We wanted an auger that would let a grain truck dump its load and get back to the field before our combine fmished making a round. It's fast, quiet, and reliable and is a pleasure to use," says Fathauer, who farms 1,840 acres. "You can't buy a 17-in. dia. auger ready to go unless you have it custom built by a commercial elevator contractor. My auger cost about $3,600 to build 16 years ago, which is about what you would pay for a commercial 10-in. dia. auger, but it can move grain three times as fast.

"The screw is centered inside the tube which prevents metal-to-metal contact and also reduces grain damage. Grain is moved so fast it doesn't spend much time in contact with the auger. Everything is built strong and all components are high quality for long life. The big 50 hp motor should last as long as the auger. It's conveyed well over 1,000,000 bu. and still looks like new."

The motor, which mounts on top of the auger tube, drives a shaft that belt-drives the heavy duty gear reduction box mounted on top of the auger. The gear reduction box drives the screw's 3-in. dia. shaft.

Fathauer bought parts for the auger from local distributors of elevator machinery. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, David Fathauer, Rt. 1, Box 7F, Dalton City, Ill. 61925 (ph 217 874-2487).

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