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Boost Capacity Of Your Drying Bins
You can possibly double or triple capacity of conventional drying bins with a new center bin unloading system introduced by David Mfg., Mason City, Iowa.
The new DMC Grain Flow system converts any 18 to 30 ft. dia. bin into a high capacity, continuous flow dryer. For example, an 18 ft. dia. bin with one 5 hp fan motor and a plenum drying chamber temperature of 180?F can process 1,850 bu. in 24 hours. In a 30 ft. dia. bin, two 10 hp fans and 180?F plenum drying chamber temperature can process about 4,500 bu, of grain in 24 hrs.
"Our system features an exclusive Accu-Sensor flag to monitor grain flow moisture in the discharge auger," Orland Bartz, sales manager, told FARM SHOW. It's located in the actual grain flow for more accurate control than from bin-wall mounted probes, and is acc irate to an average plus or minus one degree."
Bartz notes that in the pre-diy cycle, grain is dried to a predetermined level. When grain reaches this moisture level, the system automatically switches to the dry-sample cycle. It continues to unload grain unless a higher moisture level is detected. A high moisture level causes the system to automatically switch to the pre-dry level until the predetermined moisture level is again reached.
The discharge auger is equipped with a safety switch which shuts off the entire grain flow if a breakdown occurs in the grain transfer system. Twin augers are used for even grain flow and to equalize pull on the center gear box. Adjustable legs allow the gear box to fit any plenum height from 11 to 20 in.
Suggested retail cost is $2630 for a DMC Grain Flow system to fit an 18 ft. dia, bin, and $2,915 for a 30 ft. dia. bin. Sizes available to fit most bin sizes in between.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, David Mfg. Co., 1600 12th St. NE, Mason City, Iowa 50401 (ph. 515 423-6182).

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