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Corner Post Stands Strong In Any Soil
"It lets me put up fence in rocky ground where conventional fencing systems don't work," says Clyde King, Crane, Mo., about his new corner post system that gives the strength of a double H system but requires less work and shallower holes to erect.
The corner system uses light-weight 2 1/2-in. dia. high tensile galvanized tubular steel posts anchored in steel reinforced concrete base pads. The key to the system is the way it directs the forces pulling on the corner to the base rather than to the posts themselves so there's no bending or distortion of the posts themselves and you don't have to depend on the stability of top soil to hold the posts in place.
The corner post is set in a hole 30 in. deep. Each corner brace rests in a hole 24 in. deep on a small concrete pad. As the fence loosens up, it can be quickly tightened by loosening a U-bolt and tightening the brace.
The corner system adapts to any corner angle. "It takes one-half the time, labor and expense of conventional systems and one man can do the job," says King, noting that the University of Missouri is already using the new fence system. The corner is designed to withstand 1,500 lbs. of pull in either direction and can be insulated for electric fence. Everything needed to put up a complete corner sells for $39.85.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, FAST Company, Rt. 1, Box 170, Crane, Mo. 65633.

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