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Weed Puller Works Like A Mine Tree Spade
This new weed puller digs out even the toughest weeds - roots and all - without a lot of effort and without damaging your lawn.
The "Weed Hound" is a hip-tall steel tool with a handle on top, a step at the bottom, and a cone-shaped circle of six steel tines. You place the tines over the weed and use the step to push them down into the soil, then turn the rod a quarter turn and pull the weed - roots and all - out of the ground. You then push down on a plunger to release the weed from the tines.
"It works like a miniature tree spade, encircling the roots and pulling out the en-tire plant," says inventor Dana Post. "No other tool allows you to extract the weed, root and all, without stooping over. Also, the cores of soil that it pulls out are only about 3/4 inches in diameter - about the same size as the holes made by an aerator - so it won't damage your lawn. Other weed pullers take out a core that's 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter. You can pull over 100 weeds in just 15 minutes and not even get tired."
Sells for about $20.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hound Dog Products, Inc., 7348 Ohms Lane, Edina, Minn. 55439 (ph 800 694-6863 or 612 831-7074).

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