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Pull Plow Mounts On Back Of Pickup
This new "pull plow" blade is designed to mount on back of your pickup to pull snow instead of push it.
The Daniels "Pull Plow" attaches to any receiver-type hitch with no modification to the back of your pickup. The blade is raised or lowered by a hydraulic cylinder attached to the blade mounting bracket. Power is sup-plied by a hydraulic pump that mounts under the hood, controlled by a toggle switch inside the cab.
"It works much better than a front blade to remove snow in an enclosed area or next to a garage door or wall, etc. You simply back up to a wall, drop the rear blade, and go. Because you're pulling snow, you never have to turn the pickup around in order to ęback drag' snow. The rear blade weighs 350 lbs. and up to 2,000 lbs. of down pressure can be applied to it so you can scrape snow down to the ground or paved surface. It also works great for removing snow in areas where you have to drive in a circular motion, such as in a horseshoe-shaped yard." The blade is available in a 72-in. width for lightweight trucks; 80 and 90-in. widths for 3/4-ton pickups; and a 96-in. width for 1-ton and stake bed trucks.
Average installed price for a 90-in. blade is about $2,100.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Greg Daniels, 15 N365 Old Sutton Road, East Dundee, Ill. 60118 (ph 847-426-1150).

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