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Save Up To 50% On Tire Costs
"Most farmers could save 25 to 50% by buying new wagons and other equipment without tires or rims," says Lester Hey, president of Hey Machinery Co., Baldwin City, Kan., one of the nation's largest suppliers of airplane tires and custom made wheels for all types of farm equipment. "We sell primarily to dealers, distributors and manufacturers but we'll also sell direct to interested farmers and ranchers," he told FARM SHOW.
The company offers used or reconditioned tires in sizes ranging from 8 in. in dia. to about as big as you want to go. "Probably the biggest we've sold direct was a set of tires a Nebraska farmer bought for a 600 bu. grain cart he built. We fixed him up with used aircraft tires measuring about 6 ft. high and 2 ft. wide. Each 24 ply tire cost him about $400. His previous best quote was $1,000 each for used tires from an earth mover."
Airplane tires are heavily built, ranging from 14 to 24 ply. In the 15 to 20 in. rim sizes, they make excellent tires for farm machinery if you have a wheel that's adequate and functional, Hey points out. "This means that the rim should be the proper width for the tire. Most important with a heavy ply tire is a rim on which the tire can be mounted and dismounted without special equipment. It's difficult to mount or remove a heavy ply tire from a drop center rim, or even from a truck-type rim of improper width or construction," Hey points out.
To solve the problem, he designed and manufactures a custom-made rim. It bolts together, allowing a large airplane tire to be changed in the field, if necessary, with nothing more than a 3/4 in. wrench. Some of the airplane tires the company sells are used and sold "as is". Others are reconditioned and a few are airplane tires which have never been used but have exceeded the recommended "shelf life" for use on jet airplanes.
"We can fit most machinery when given the brand, model and serial number of the machine," he told FARM SHOW. "We need to know the number of lug bolt holes and the distance between them, and diameter of the pilot hole in the center of the hub."
Here's a sampling of typical tire prices from Hey Machinery's catalog:
For tractor fronts and tandem disks: $45 for a 34 by 11(1000 by 14) used 18 to 20 ply nylon tire, tube and 11 in. bolt-together rim. Add $17.50 for a new recap. For a 37 by 14 by 14 (1400 by 14) used 24 ply tire, complete with tube and bolt-together rim, the cost is $67.50.
Feed wagons, manure spreaders: They range from $15 to $45, carry a 9:00 by 20 ply rating, and can be mounted on drop-center rims. Grain carts and feed wagons up to 8 tons: You pay $62.50 for a 32 by 1150 by 15 (11:50 by 15) 12 ply tire, tube and the special custom-made rim. The 12 ply airplane tire measures approximately 30 in. high and 12 in. wide.
For more details, including a free catalog of specs and prices, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hey Machinery Co., Baldwin City, Kan. 66006 (ph. 913 594-3441).

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