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Vise-Drill Combination
You've almost got to see it to believe all the things you can do with a vise and drill combination manufactured by St. Anne's Foundry, St. Anne, Ill.
For one thing, it allows you to drill through hard steel, including spring steel, using cheap drill bits. "The secret is that the Vise-Drill combines hand operation with a tremendous amount of pressure," explains Mel Langford, Fresno, Ca., West Coast. distributor. "Because of its slow speed and ability to exert up to 1000 lbs. pressure, it bites rapidly into metals without over-heating, or undue wear on the inexpensive bit. The hardest steels can be drilled with carbon drill bits, as well as such materials as glass, spring steel, grader blades, etc."
The portable Vise-Drill weighs 59 lbs. and can be used in combination as a horizontal or vertical drill press. By turning the vise in the benchplate 90?, it becomes a vertical drill press. The drill can be used in hard-to-get at places. It has a ratchet handle, permitting fractional turns in places where access is difficult. The drill can be used as a wheel pulley, bushing pusher, and for removing broken cylinder studs, manifold studs, tire bolts, oil pan plugs, and for exact "dead center" drilling of shafts.
The portable vise can be turned to any angle on the benchplate, or detached from the bench and used as an oversized pipe wrench by inserting a bar in the opening provided for this purpose. It can also be used as a large portable clamp.
Suggested retail is $279.
For more details, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, St. Anne Foundry, Box 628, St. Anne, Ill. 60964 (ph 815-427 8187).

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