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Transmission Cooler For Pickups
A grille-type cooler you can install yourself promises to put an end to overheating problems with transmission or engine oil on pickups.
"Overheating is the most commonly diagnosed problem in transmission failure. This cooler solves the problem," says John Dick, sales manager of TOK Systems, Montrose, Minn., manufacturer of the new TOK grille oil cooler.
The cooler, which can be used to cool engine oil as well as transmission oil, causes the oil to run 45 to 90? cooler under heavy load, according to Dick.
It's made up of a continuous 45 ft. length of 1/z in. dia. aircraft aluminum tubing which is constructed horizontally with 180? bends at the ends. Shaped into a decorative grille, the cooler replaces the vehicle's factory-made grille.
"The kit is easy to install - no welding or, fabricating required,"
says Dick. It fits most Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge pickups, vans, and motor homes with or without air conditioning.
For cooling transmission oil, you leave the original cooler intact and simply connect the TOK cooler to the outlet of the original cooler. For cooling engine oil, the TOK cooler can be spliced into the cam shaft port on the engine, or you can plug it into the oil filter.
Cost of the kit, which includes the grille, mounting brackets, and in-line 10 micron oil filter, hose, fittings and instructions, is $189.95, FOB. For $24.95 extra, you can get an optional-mounted high temperature light for monitoring oil temperature, or a direct reading oil temperature gauge.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, TOK System, Inc., Route 1, Box 106, Montrose, Minn. 55363 (ph 612 675-3626).

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