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See-Through Spark Plug Tunes Engines By Color
A new see-through spark plug developed in England lets you see inside your gas engines to see, by the color of the flame inside the cylinder, how well the timing, carburetor, and other components are adjusted.
The Colortune spark plug engine-tuning system is being marketed in the U.S. by William J. Schneider of White Eagle Manufacturing, East Bernstadt, Kty. The plug provides a window into the engine that many expert mechanics with some of the world's largest auto companies have begun to use to fine tune some of their best engines.
"When an engine is burning lean, the flame color is white. When it's burning rich, the color is yellow. But, when it's precision-tuned, the engine has a 'propane' blue flame. You simply install the Colortune plug and adjust the engine until the combustion flame burns the right color of blue," explains Schneider.
Colortune is already being used by Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Land Rover and many other automotive companies around the world. Some are simply using the device to fine tune engine work while others have made it a regular part of their maintenance program.
The Colortune kit consists of a plug, which fits into any spark plug hole when fitted with adapters, including cars, trucks, lawnmowers, outboards motors, and so on. A specially supplied lead is plugged in between the Colortune spark plug and the spark plug wire. The main body of the Colortune plug is transparent, allowing you to see into the cylinder. A viewing tube can be fitted over the plug, particularly during the day when it's very light, so that the flame can be more easily seen.
Once the plug is installed, the mechanic simply adjusts the fuel-air mixture on the carburetor, and adjusts the timing, until the flame matches up with the correct color, which is detailed on a chart supplied with the device. Those who have used it say it's possible to do an entire tuneup job with the plug, although its best use may be for trouble-shooting, or for fine-tuning the fuel-air mix when standard procedures don't get you running right.
The Colortune kit sells for $39.95. Adapters for odd-size engines sell for an additional $5.95 each.
For more information, connact: FARM SHOW Followup, William J. Schneider, White Eagle Manufacturing, Rt. 1, Box 279, East Bernstadt, Kty. 40729 (ph 606 843-6126).

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