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Delay Feeder Feeds Cows While You're Away
"As a dairy nutritionist, I've seen a number of dairymen dramatically increase milk production and fat test by feeding grain four times a day instead of the conventional twice a day," says Dan Pitzen, Clinton, Iowa, inventor of the new Dantzen Delay Feeder.
"It's a simple, low-cost way to feed four times a day without making extra trips to the barn," says Pitzen, noting that the feeders, which cost $99, are much more affordable than computerized automatic feeding systems. You can use the feeders for all of your cows, or just for the highest producers.
The feeder attaches to a pipe which is clamped to the stanchion or tie stall posts just above the manger. When you feed grain, you feed just half the normal amount. The other half you put in the Delay Feeder, which is mounted just high enough so cows can't eat out of it.
Six hours later, usually noon and midnight, an electric timer triggers the bottom of the feeder to open, dropping the grain into the manger.
Each $99 feeder feeds two cows and holds 10 lbs. of grain per cow.
The timer and switch, which control all of the feeders, sell for $58.  
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dantzen Inc., P.O. Box 167, Clinton, Iowa, 52732 (ph 319 243-9010; evenings call 242-5108).

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