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Car Windshield Wiper Motor Controls Drill Marker
Bill McLaren, Maidstone, Sask., uses a windshield wiper motor off an old car and 80 ft. of rope to raise or lower the markers on his grain drill.
McLaren mounted the motor on a vertical steel post at the center of the drill. The windshield wiper motor turns a 15-in. long steel shaft that winds up two lengths of rope, one running to either end of the drill. A large steel washer divides the shaft in two, with one rope wound around either side. As the shaft turns, the rope winds up on one side of the washer and unwinds on the other side, raising the marker on one side of the drill and lowering the other side.
McLaren disconnected the automatic return circuit on the wiper motor so it can be reversed using a two-way switch in the cab. "I didn't know if the motor would have enough power to lift the markers, but it isn't a problem because the markers are balanced so well," says McLaren.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill McLaren, B & D Farm Ltd., Box 403, Maidstone, Sask., Canada SOM 1MO (ph 306 893-4751).

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