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New Scraper Nozzle For High-Pressure Washers
"It's like having two extra hired hands," says Art Nehring who uses a new home-built scraper that fits the end of a high-pressure wand to clean hog pens at double or triple the rate it used to take with a hand-held scraper.
Nehring has had trouble for years in his oldest hog barn which has a solid concrete floor. He first designed a huge scraper to fit a skid-steer loader (featured in FARM SHOW 1 years ago) to get the heavy stuff but he still had trouble finishing the job.
"A high-pressure washer alone does the job but it causes the manure to constantly ricochet back into the operator's face. It's a long wet job," he explains.
His solution consists of a simple 3-in. wide metal scraper that fits the end of his pressure wand. He unscrews the nozzle from wand, slips the wand into the scraper shaft, and refastens the nozzle to the wand.
"Wherever the scraper lifts the manure, a steady stream of water shoots under it, lifting it quickly and cleanly. Using a 300 psi washer, it'll clean up thick layers of manure in seconds that you could hack away at all day with a hand scraper," says Nehring.
Nehring fashioned the nozzle for himself out of scrap metal and a piece of pipe.
"I wouldn't use a high-pressure washer again without one. It pays for itself in the first few minutes of use," he says.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Arthur Nehring, 107 Michigan, Iowa Falls, Iowa 50126 (ph 515 648-2768).

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