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Low-Cost Grain Air Conveyor
Slickest new system we've seen for moving grain, into storage while virtually eliminating cracked seeds is the new Agri-Blower, introduced in FARM SHOW's September-October issue last year.
Developed by Mason City Silo repair, Mason City, Iowa, it lets you move corn, soybeans or any other grain into silos or grain bins up to 60 ft. high with your conventional silo blower. The company has just introduced a special air blower which, used in conjunction with the Auger Blower attachment, allows you to load grain into silos up to 90 ft. tall, or taller.
Cracked grain is eliminated since the grain never comes into contact with the blower fan. Instead, the 8 in. steel auger delivers the grain to the blower neck where air pressure off the fan catches it and forces it up the standard 9 in. silo pipe.
The Auger Blower fits most makes, models and sizes of forage blowers, according to inventor Roy Bilyeu. "We've blown wet corn, and soy beans, into an 18 by 60 silo with no problems," he reports.
"We've moved up to 1000 bu. per hour through the Auger Blower. It has a little less capacity than a regular blower without it would have but we eliminate cracking," points out Bilyeu. With this attachment, you can build your own pneumatic grain conveyor at a fraction of the cost of a commercial model."
Sells for $1,865. "Many of our customers are Harvestore owners who have had problems blowing grain into the silo with a conventional blower. The cracked grain tends to gum up on the inside walls of the silo. If it freezes while it's still a little wet, the corn sticks and won't fall down. And, if it does fall, it usually has enough impact to damage or destroy the unloading equipment in the base. The Auger Blower eliminates this problem."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mason City Silo Repair, Box 363, 20 9th Street N.E., Mason City, Iowa 50401 (ph 515 424-4611).

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