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Doing Fieldwork In Artivicial Darkness
Working fields at night reduces the number of weed seeds that germinate. Research by agonomists all over the world has shown that as soil is turned over, just a brief flash of sunlight on dormant weed seeds can cause the seed to come to life. However, doing field work at night is not easy or practical. Lantmannen , a Swedish farm magazine, recently reported on some work being done by researchers to avoid the problem by simulating nighttime. While creating a seedbed, they covered a power harrow with a heavy black canvas shroud that comes right down to the ground. They had to build a light-weight frame around the harrow to support the canvas. But once in place, it did not interfere with operation of the harrow. Re-searchers say the idea could be used on most any tillage tool.

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1997 - Volume #21, Issue #3