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Rip-Proof Cover For Grain, Silage
"These storage covers are as light as plastic and as strong as canvas, yet are more rip resistant than either material," says Barry Gross of the Girffolyn Company, Houston, Texas, manufacturer of a new type of nylonreinforced cover for grain, hay, silage, machinery or whatever.
The covers, which have been made in sizes up to 300 by 300 sq. ft., consist of layers of 3 ml. polyethylene alternated with, and laminated to, nylon mesh. "The nylon mesh makes the cover practically rip proof," explains Gross. "Nylon is the material that makes these covers different from anything else in the world. Thirty-three strands of nylon run in either direction per linear foot of material, making it virtually rip proof."
Griffolyn covers are available in weights ranging from two layers of plastic and one of nylon, to four layers of plastic and two of nylon. Gross says the lightest will last one year, and the heaviest for four or more years of constant weather exposure.
The cover comes in standard 100 ft. long sheets ranging from 4 to 40 ft. wide. Covers wider than 40 ft. are available custom made.
"We will consider making any size cover. We've sold them for covering silage, cotton, grain - even worms on a worm farm," explains Gross.
To tie down the covers, Griffolyn sells a clip-on plastic gromet that attaches to the edge of the cover so it can then be roped down. If the cover is going to be used in the open, it should be weighted down. And, if there is going to be a lot of wind, Griffolyn recommends buying a tarp on which the heat-sealed edges of the tarp are sown together for maximum wind resistance.
The lightest weight cover (two layers of plastic and one of nylon) sells for $.07 per sq. ft. The heaviest (four layers of plastic and three of nylon) sells for $.20 per sq. ft. Those figures are for sheets up to 40 ft. wide. Everything wider carries a $.02 per sq. ft. custom charge. A bag of 100 snap-on gromets sells for $15.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Barry Gross, Agricultural Marketing Director, Griffolyn Company, Box 33248, Houston, Texas 77033 (ph 800-231-6074 toll free).

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