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On-Farm Butterfat Tester
"We think most dairymen using this new tester can boost their herd's butterfat average substantially within the first 12 months," says Raymond McAneny, export manager for Agrofarm, a Danish company that developed this new "breakthrough" management tool for dairymen.
The new on-farm milk fat indicator gives a fast, accurate test of either raw or homogenized milk in less than a minute. You simply put a small 3 oz. sample of milk into the battery operated tester, push a button and presto! Fat content of the sample is displayed right before your eyes on the dial of the tester.
FARM SHOW first reported on the butterfat tester two years ago (Vol. 8, No. 3, 1984) when a prototype was unveiled. "We've spent the past two years perfecting the protype and are now ready to begin full scale production and marketing," McAneny told FARM SHOW.
The patented new tester uses ultraviolet light and mirrors to determine fat content of milk samples. In field tests, it has scored right at 99.98% for accuracy, says McAneny.
"This new management tool allows you to pinpoint the fat content of individual cows throughout an entire lactation and from one lactation to another. It allows you to immediately pinpoint the effect of new rations, feed additives and other factors on fat content. If a high producing cow's milk shows a sudden drop in fat content, it may be an early clue to mastitis or some other serious problem. And, in selling milk on the basis of butterfat content, you can quickly and accurately check each lot to make sure you're being paid for full measure," McAneny points out.
Contact: Raymond McAneny, export manager, Agrofarm, Nedergard, Jordrup, Denmark DK-6064 (ph 05-55 63 33).

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