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You'll Like This New Pup Trailer
"We think it's the Cadillac of grain Špup' trailers," says Robert Reese, designer-manufacturer of a versatile new 600 bu. rig. You can pull it in the field or down the road behind your straight truck, your regular farm tractors, a semi tractor, or behind a semi trailer.
A special converter dolly, consisting of a 5th wheel plate and 20,000 lb.axle gives the "Northern Route Grain Pup" its towing flexibility. For towing the "pup" behind a straight truck, the dolly is available with a long tongue which provide sufficient clearance for the truck to dump and turn without bumping into the tag-along trailer. The same long-tongue dolly can be used for towing the "pup" trailer behind a regular farm tractor. A dolly with a short tongue is available for towing the "pup" behind a semi tractor or semi trailer.
Specs on the trailer are: 20 ft. long; 10 ft. high; 17 in. ground clearance; 5,900 lbs. total weight; a 24 by 24 in. rear door; and air or electric brakes.
Combined weight of the empty trailer (5,900 lbs.) and front dolly (about 2,000 lbs.) is under 8,000 lbs., which is less than a straight truck equipped with an aluminum box, Reese notes.
Design of the "pup" lets you haul a maximum payload with only one power source and yet stay within posted load limits for roads and bridges. For example, on a 10 ton restricted road, you can legally gross 20,000 lbs. per axle, or 18,000 lbs. per axle on a 9-ton road.
Retail cost of the trailer is $10,200 if equipped with a new rear axle, and about $2,500 less with a used-reconditioned rear axle. Cost of the dolly equipped with a new axle and plate, and long tongue, is $3,800, and from $600 and up with a used-reconditioned axle.
For more information, contact: Reese Welding and Supply, Robert Reese, Owner, Wood Lake, Minn. 56297 (ph 507 485-3123).

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