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Hog-Loading Tractor Bucket
"It's the easiest hog-handling method I've ever seen," says Roland Wenndt, Marengo, Iowa about the hog-loading bucket he built to fit his tractor loader.
The sturdily built hog-loading box can be picked up simply by slipping the edge of the loader bucket in between its bottom rails. There's no need to remove or modify the tractor loader bucket at all.
"Since my loader bucket is 60 in. wide, I built the hog box 58 in. wide to fit snuggly inside the sidewalls of the bucket. It's also 58 in. deep," says Wenndt.
The hog box is fastened directly to three rough-hewn 4 by 4's. Just below the three 4 by 4's are another set of 4 by 4's spaced by three 29-in. 2 by 4's that run half the length of the 4 by 4's, creating a 2-in. opening to accommodate the lip of the loader bucket.
"It works slick on the tractor loader because I can level it hydraulically, even when reaching over a fence," says Wenndt, noting that the box holds twenty 40-lb. feeder pigs or three to four sows. A loading door opens at the front of the box.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roland Wenndt, Box 371, Marengo, Iowa 52301.

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