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New Molehill Mixer For Vitamins, Minerals
Tired of mixing minerals, vitamins and medications by hand? Concerned about how accurately minor ingredients are mixed when you add them to a ration?

Maynard Staskal; Boscobel, Wis., may have the answer in his new Molehill Mixer. Staskal mixes calcium, salt, trace minerals, dical and other ingredients before he dumps them into a metering device over the feed conveyor. If dust is a problem, he adds a quart or so of soybean or other vegetable oil while the minerals are mixing. Cows like the oil, too.

Staskal's Molehill Mixer is 2 ft. square and has an 8-in. auger running up the center. However, flighting does not run all the way to the top, and the auger tube covers only part of the flighting. Staskal says this combination of auger length, tube length and the square corners, plus clearance between the auger tube and bottom of the mixer, are secrets to fast mixing without separation of ingredients. Many combinations of these dimensions were tried by Staskal as he perfected the design over the past 8 years.

Windows in the side of the mixer let you see the level of mineral inside. The discharge spout is 15 in. from the floor, a convenient height for filling a 5-gal. bucket, according to Staskal, who often mixes and then stores mineral in the mixer until it is fed.

Staskal says the mixer is fast and accurate, and can thoroughly mix up to 600 lbs. of mineral at one time.

He notes that feeders of high moisture corn particularly like the Molehill Mixer because they can mix minerals quickly and accurately without resorting to a shovel, and can then meter it over corn as it is fed from the silo. The Molehill can also premix minerals, vitamins and medications before they are placed in a grinder-mixer with other ration ingredients. However, because the discharge is strictly gravity flow, Staskal suggests that minerals be distributed through a metering device rather than directly from the mixer into a feed conveyor.

The Molehill Mixer is powered by a 1 1/2 hp. electric motor. It stands 74 in. tall and has two hooks on the top for easy movement and setup. Sides are 14 ga. double welded steel. Sells for $965.

For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Maynard Staskal, Staskal Mfg. Co., R.4, Box 40, Boscobel, Wis. 53805 (ph 608 822-6869).

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