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No Ladder Needed WIth Rope Saw
New from Green Mountain Plant Products is a unique steel-cable tree saw that lets you trim high branches quickly and safely right from the ground. No climbing whatsoever.
You simply toss the "rope" saw over the branch, grab an end in each hand and then pull the cords back and forth until the branch is sawed off.
The "professional" model consists of two 35 ft. ropes attached to a,5 ft. section of steel cable. Pressed onto the cable are 100 equi-distant, twoway carbon steel cutting teeth. The device will cut branches up to 35 ft. high. To extend cutting height, you simply add more rope.
"The only limitation to height is how far you can throw the rope over the branch," Bob Johnson, inventor, told FARM SHOW. "We supply a sandbag throwing weight which is effective for branches up to about 35 ft. high. For taller branches, a ladder or fish casting rod can be used to help throw the rope into position. I even heard of one owner who used his bow and arrow to shoot a thin nylon line into the tree to help thread the cable saw over a branch 65 ft. from the ground."
The "professional" model recommended for farm use sells for $24.95.
A lighter-duty "homeowners" model (two 25 ft. sections of rope and a 3 ft. long cable with 30 cutting teeth) sells for $14.95. Replacement cables are $14.65 for the "professional" model and $8.05 for the "homeowners" model.
"A cable will saw 200 to 300 branches before it needs to be replaced," explains Johnson. "You'll be amazed at the speed of the opera= tion compared to a handsaw. It'll cut through branches up to about 5 in. in diameter with very little effort. You can cut larger diameter branches-it just takes a bit longer. Even so, it's still a safer, easier alternative to climbing a ladder or the tree itself. And anyone who climbs a tree with a chain saw is really asking for trouble."
If you're removing stumps, no need to dull your chain saw by having to run it in dirt. Simply clear away soil from the roots so you can slip the "rope" saw underneath.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Green Mountain Plant Products, Mueller Park, Norwalk, Co. 06852 (ph 203 847-9505).

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