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Modified Swather Combines Two Windrows
"They make V rakes that can combine two swaths together, but they cost about $6,000 or more," says Grant Gulleson. "I modified an old swather to do the same thing - only better - for a lot less money.
"Now we pick up two 14-ft. swaths at a time, turn them over more gently than a rake, and leave a single fluffy windrow that dries faster with less leaf loss."
In addition, the Rutland, N. Dak., farmer can now bale about 1 mph faster than he'd be able to picking a single wind-row off the ground.
The conversion began with a mid 1970's 4000 International swather with 6-cyl. engine and 19 1/2-ft. header. He took the reel and sickle off the header and mounted two 5-belt Melro pickups on front. To get hay to drop properly onto the swather's canvas, he raised the pickups 8 in. by bolting wood shims underneath them.
The original reel pulley belt-drives the pickups.A square piece of sheet metal mounted between the pickups serves as a wind screen for hay on the canvas.
Gulleson spent about $600 on the swather, most of that for the two pickups. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Grant Gulleson, R.R. 1, Box 17, Rutland, N. Dak. 58067 (ph 701 724-6201).

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