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Wolf-Dogs Make Great Farm Pets
If you're looking for an unusual pet, you may want to take a close look at buying a wolf-hybrid which is a cross between a wolf and dog, says J.D. Hooker, of Kendallville, Ind., who breeds wolf-German Sheperd hybrids for sale.
"If you spend a lot of time with them when they're small, you'll end up with the best dog you could ever own," says Hooker.
Breeders consider a wolf-hybrid to be any species of wolf bred with any breed of domestic dog. The most common crosses are between wolves and German Shepherds, though other breeds, such as Malamutes or Huskies, have been used. Since there are 32 subspecies of wolf, there are many varieties of hybrids.
"The wolf-hybrid has a finer sense of scent than even a bloodhound. Some wolf-hybrids we've sold are now serving as drug, explosive, or poison locators, cadaver dogs, tracking dogs, lost child locaters, etc. The jaw strength of wolf-hybrids and their control over jaw power is almost unbelievable. They can chew up a big beef bone like it was a dog biscuit. Yet they can carry an egg without leaving the slightest mark."
Wolf-shepherd hybrids are very adapt-able and can make themselves at home under most circumstances, but they aren't for everyone, says Hooker. "They're very large, powerful animals. My males average about 150 lbs. with some of the largest ones weighing over 200 lbs. Females are generally a little lighter and faster."
According to Hooker, the wolf is a highly social animal, and the wolf-hybrid thrives on companionship, play, and training. "It can't do well without a lot of attention, especially when it's young and immature. If you can't spend at least a few hours each day with it, I strongly advise you to consider some other type of dog. The neglected animal will become totally unpredictable, alternately cowardly and vicious, unreliable, a danger to everyone and every-thing, unfit for any purpose, and miserable."
For speed, stamina, and endurance, wolf-German Shepherd hybrids are nearly impossible to outclass, says Hooker. "Most females can hit bursts of over 40 mph for short distances. Even the largest and heaviest males can easily cover 100 miles in a day without over tiring. They're also very intelligent. There's about as much difference in intelligence between the wolf-German Shepherd hybrid and a normal dog as there is between Einstein and the average person."
Hooker sells wolf-hybrid pups for $250 each.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, J.D. Hooker, 3583 C.R. 1, Kendallville, Ind. 46755 (ph 219 281-2686).

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