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Tractor-Power Tiler Saves 50-80%
A new tractor-mounted drainage tiling machine that'll lay up to 900 ft. of tile per hour saves 50 to 80% over the costs of conventional work done by contractors, according to a British farmer who bought one.
The machine, developed by A. F. Trenchers Ltd., Colchester, England, was introduced last year. It's designed for tractors from 45 to 80 hp. with a Cat. II 3-pt. hitch and a 540 rpm pto. No modification is needed to the tractor and the 3-pt. mounted tiler can be removed easily at any time to free the tractor up for other work.
John Austin, who manages a large farm near Daventry, says that before buying the tiler from A.F. Trenchers, he received quotes on a tiling job that ranged from $250 to $800 an acre from contractors. Using the tractor-mounted unit, he was able to completely tile a 25 acre section in 11 days at a cost of just over $200 per acre.
The tiler consists of a boom-mounted digging chain that comes in sizes that'll dig trenches ranging in size from 5 to 12 in. wide. The trencher will operate at depths down to 5 ft.
A key feature of the tiler, and one of the problems that often stumps manufacturers who attempt to design tractor-mounted drain tilers, is the trencher's wheel drive. Because most tractors are not able to creep along at the slow speeds of 300 ft. per hour or less, tractors have had to be fitted with special gear boxes to gear them down. The A.F. Trencher tiler uses a hydraulic motor, supplied with oil from the idling tractor's internal system, to power a worm gear and shaft connected to two small cage wheels that are held tightly against the tractor's rear wheels by a ram. The cage wheels move the tractor, which is in neutral, forward as they rotate.
The tiler needs a minimum 45 hp. tractor with wheels that can be spaced on 60-in. centers.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, A.F. Trenchers, Ltd., Gosbecks Road, Colchester, Essex, England, CO2 9JS (ph 0206 44411).

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