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Portable Hoist For Cars, Trucks
Here's something you've never seen before -- a portable hoist that lifts cars and trucks (up to 6500 lbs.) without being anchored and runs off any 12-volt battery. Unlike conventional hoists, which have to be installed in the floor, this hoist goes anywhere.
The new "Wonder Hoist" from Mar-Kee Enterprises, of Regina, Canada, can lift its load either horizontally, or with a 25? tilt for easier access under raised cars or trucks. With the Wonder Hoist, you don't have any center.. post obstruction as with most other hoists - the post is off to one side and out of the way.
"This is a compact unit that weighs only 1,200 lbs. and can be rolled easily from place to place on its own three wheels by one man," Don Hunter, distributor, told FARM SHOW. "The wheels are springloaded so that when a load is lifted, the frame of the hoist lowers to the ground, locking the hoist in place. When the load is off, the hoist springs back to its wheels and can be rolled away."
The hoist lifts with one 31/z in. hydraulic cylinder, positioned vertically in the side-lifting post. There is space behind the cylinder and next to the motor for a 12-volt battery, or the hoist can be run from the battery in the truck or car being lifted. Hunter says you can make 50-60 lifts with a battery before it runs down.
When at the top of the lift, the outer edge of a vehicle will be 6 ft. off the ground if tilted, and 5 ft. when horizontal. In either case, the center of gravity of the load always remains in dead center, according to Hunter, "and that's the key to the hoist's design."
Safety features on the hoist include a safety lock every 4 in. up the side post. Spring-loaded teeth "walk" up the locking bars and would automatically lock in place should the hoist fail. In addition, if a hose should ever burst, a steel relief valve would lock the hydraulic cylinder.
Hunter says the hoist is ideal for farm use. "Up till now, the only kind of hoist you could buy cost an arm and a leg, and had to be permanently installed in a garage floor. This unit can be wheeled out whenever you need it. In your garage, for example, you can get a 12-volt converter and plug it in. When you need to use it at headquarters, or out in the field, you can run it off a car, truck or tractor battery. Also, we're experimenting with a travel running gear so it can be towed behind a pickup down roads, or into fields."
The hoist is 84 in. high, 24 in. wide, 101 in. long and weighs about 1,200 lbs. Since the hoist became available several months ago, the plant in Regina, Can., has received more than 6,000 orders, according to Hunter. Other manufacturers have been lined up to meet growing demand.
The new-style hoist is selling for . about $4400 in Canadian dollars. At present, there are no distributors in the U.S.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mar-Kee Enterprises, Ltd., P.O. Box 3974, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 3R9, Canada, at the factory; or, Don Hunter, who is handling sales in eastern Canada, at P.O. Box 186, Hagersville, Ontario NOA 1HO, Canada.

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