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Front Unloading Truck
New on the market with a front-unloading truck box is The Heil Co., Milwaukee, Wis. What's more, the new-style box will also dump from the rear.
One hydraulic hoist (single cylinder, twin arm) does the unloading front or rear. whichever the driver elects. If the truck is "set" for rear unloading, for example, and he wants to unload from the front, he simply flips a lever on the side of the box which automatically switches the hoist into the front-unloading mode.
"We haven't come up with any farm uses for it as yet. But many farmers and ranchers serve on county and township boards. They'll want to be sure local officials in charge of roads and highways know about it," says Fred Atkinson, sales manager.
Thanks to its ability to unload front or rear at the flip of a lever, the versatile box allows one truck to do the work of several. Its front-unloading feature makes it ideal for spreading salt and sand in winter on icy roads. With front unloading, the material is laid down ahead of the rear wheels, providing added traction for moving through adverse road conditions. Another advantage, according to Atkinson, is that the forward-tipped box keeps weight toward the front, making the truck more stable. In the front-unloading configuration, the box fully up raised, is right at 13 ft. in the air, thus providing sufficient clearance to go through underpasses without having to lower the box (13 1/2 ft. is the legal minimum for most underpasses).
Cost for the box equipped for front or rear unloading, complete with a salt and sand spreader, and installation on a single axle truck, is right at$10,000. For more details, including literature describing the dual hoist and how it works, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Heil Co., Fred Atkinson, Sales Manager, P.O. Box 593, Milwaukee, Wis. 53201 (ph 414 647-3288).

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