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Turn Your Pickup Into A Tractor
Ever stop to think how much more work you could get out of your pickup if it was equipped with a "live" and reversible pto, and a high capacity hydraulic system?
For example, you could unload silage wagons right from the driver's seat by simply flipping a switch to activate the truck's rear mounted pto. Or, you could unload baled or stacked hay right from the driver's seat by flipping one lever to activate a hydraulic cylinder which tilts the bed on the mover, and another lever to activate the pto-driven unloader apron.
These and dozens of other new ways to make your pickup work harder are now possible, thanks to the new Ott Power Package, developed by Randy Ott, young innovator and hydraulics expert from Charles City, Iowa.
Heart of the system is a specially designed hydraulic pump. It's mounted under the hood and is "free wheeling" when not in use to save gas. It provides high capacity power to drive the rear-mounted hydraulic pto which is both "live" and reversible. The pump, rated at 2,250 psi, has sufficient capacity to operate one or two hydraulic cylinders. You can buy the complete system (pto and two spools for operating two cylinders) or any part of the system. For example, you can order a pto only, a pto and a single hydraulic spool, or a double spool (for operating two hydraulic cylinders) and the pto.
Here, according to Randy, are some of the jobs most any pickup (whether 2 or 4 wheel drive and with automatic or standard transmission) equipped with his "power package" can handle: "The system is especially suited for feeding livestock. The driver can unload silage at full capacity, regardless of how fast the truck is moving since operation of the pto is completely independent of the truck's transmission. With aprontype stack movers, the pickup motor can be revved up full throttle to get the power needed to drive the ptodriven loading apron, yet the truck can be inched back as the stack is loaded.
Randy notes that with your pickup equipped with a pto and hydraulic system to serve as a tractor, "you don't have to monkey with hard starting diesel tractors to feed silage or hay to livestock during the cold winter months. Your pickup, equipped with a pto and hydraulic system for operating hydraulic cylinders, can do everything a chore tractor has been doing."
Another key feature is the pump's high capacity. Mounted under the hood, it's rated at 2,250 psi (14.7 gpm) and has sufficient capacity to "crack" the folding wings of large disks or field cultivators, Randy points out.. The pto runs at 540 rpm and can be turned on or off with a control lever at the rear of the truck, or from inside the cab. It mounts under the box and, according to Randy, doesn't interfere with the rear bumper hitch on most trucks.
Suggested retail is $1,595.
Hydraulic spools can be equipped with whatever brand of quickcouplers the owner prefers. Parts used to assemble the power package are standard and readily available, making it relatively easy to secure spare parts if needed. Randy will custom install the complete system. Dealer inquiries welcome.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ott Hydraulics, Randy Ott, president, Route 4, Charles City, Iowa 50616 (ph. 515 228-7517 or 228-2143).

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