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Insur-A-Flow- Prevents Auger Plug-Up Prolems
Spoiled grain, bird nests, frozen chunks of grain and other materials can end up clogging your grain bin's feed out auger and cause you a lot of headaches.
There are stationary cone-shaped devices on the market to solve the problem but the Insur-A-Flow, from Nelson Products Co., Sioux Rapids, Iowa goes one step further. It features a spinning shaft with teeth that break up the clogged material.
The Insur-A-Flow has a heavy-duty galvanized 20 by 24 in. stand that sits in the sweep auger's pivot point. It's 6 in. high and has a shaft with four, 7 in. teeth attached. You bolt a 3/4 in. galvanized water pipe, which you provide, to the end of the shaft andrun the pipe outside of the bin through a hole that you drill or punch into the side of the bin. To the end of this pipe you attach a handle which you spin by hand to break up clumps, although a motorized system could also be set up.
When clogs slow grain flow, you simply turn the shaft and let the teeth break up the clog. For wider bins, shaft supports are available to keep the pipe from bowing.
The Insur-A-Flow sells for $93.50.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Nelson Products Co., 100 Front St., Sioux Rapids, Iowa 50585 (ph 712 283-2562).

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