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Drill Holes With Your Chain Saw
Fit this new lightweight drill to your chain saw and you'll be able to drill holes from 318 to 1'/z in, in diameter.
The Atom drill attachment from Australia fits most brands of chain saws. It features a safety clutch that doesn't turn at idling speed but automatically engages as you start boring.
The attachment also features a reverse gear that engages when you pull the saw towards you. As the bit comes free, it automatically changes back to forward gear to clear shavings from the hole.
A. L. Notaras, director of Atom Industries, 15 Reynolds St., Balmain, Australia, told FARM SHOW that in areas in Australia with open livestock grazing, fencing is compulsory. The drill attachment is widely used on the "open grazing" areas for stringing wire through wooden fence posts.
Notaras says fences with wires strung through the posts rather than stapled to them stay up longer and require less maintenance. "Most farmers don't drill their posts, though, because most drills are electric and difficult to use in the field."
The drill attachment weighs 5.2 lbs. List price is $129.50. Dealer and distributor inquiries welcome.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Granberg Industries, Inc., 200 S. Garrard Boulevard, Richmond, Calif. 94804 (ph 415 236-0400).

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