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Prototype Advanced Rotary Engine
I recently saw a copy of FARM SHOW Magazine and thought you might be interested in a prototype advanced rotary engine I'm building here in Auckland, New Zealand. We plan to fuel it with hydrogen fuel made from water. To get away from the conventional piston engine, we use a rotary motion like in the older Wankel engine but without the problems it had with an intricately shaped combustion chamber and rotor. What I have is all circles - a circle within a circle with no beginning and no end. The rotor is a true circle with circular ring seals. Three power impulses take place on each revolution. It fires at each 120? with each power impulse carrying on to 180?, giving a power overlap. In other words, we have a turbine where we are getting 540? of power in a 360? circle. Incorporated in its design is a supercharging ring. At the end of each power cycle, compressed air purges the chamber of exhaust and fills the area with a charge of fresh air. Since all parts are circular, machining is simple, keeping manufacturing costs low.
I've been working on the engine for 5 years. We plan to get it up and running this year. (Wolf Brinsbury, 15 Gibson Place, Howick, Auckland, New Zealand)

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1994 - Volume #18, Issue #4