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Manure Mixer Pump Solves Pit Problems
New from the Graham Co., Gibson, Iowa, is an electrically driven Turbo Mixer pump, designed to eliminate the accumulation of solids in confinement building manure pits without having to go to the expense of remodeling the building to make room for a larger and more expensive pressure-type pump.
"It also eliminates the time consuming job of back flushing with a manure pump," explains Scott Graham, inventor-manufacturer.
The Turbo Mixer is 11 ft., 3 in. long and small enough in diameter (6% in.) to slip into standard 8 in. pump-out portholes. It combines liquids and solids into a thoroughly mixed slurry for easy removal with a vacuum pump, explains Graham. "Basically, it's designed for the hog operator who's having sludge accumulation problems in a confinement building manure pit and doesn't want to go a lot of time and expense in solving the sludge accumulation problem."
The unit is powered by a 3 hp. electric motor (220 or 110 V.) and weighs 245 lbs. It comes complete with a winch which works in conjunction with a tractor or skid steer loader for moving the mixer in and out of pump-out portholes.
The Turbo Mixer pulls liquid manure off the top and pumps it with force down into the sludge layer to completely homogenize the pit manure into a slurry which a vacuum pump can easily handle, explains Scott. He hadn't established a retail price on the Turbo Mixer when this issue of FARM SHOW went to press.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Graham Co., Scott Graham, President, Gibson, Iowa 50104 (ph 515 634-2500).

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