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Plastic Sleeves For Big Bales
"They're better than bags and less costly," says Joe Lawless, Jr., of Plastic Forage Savers, marketer of new plastic sleeves for big bales.
Two years ago, the firm introduced plastic bags which completely enclose the bale (see Jan.-Feb., 1977 issue of FARM SHOW). "We have had good results with bagged bales and were moving full speed ahead with our marketing program when, quite by accident, we hit on the idea of using plastic sleeves instead of bags," Lawless told FARM SHOW. "We have since done a lot of testing with these sleeves and find that they work even better than bags and are cheaper."
By leaving the two ends cornpletely open, three important things are accomplished, according to Lawless.
1. The open ends permit the sleeve to stay tight against the bale. There are no lose ends for the wind to catch.
2. Leaving the ends open enables the bale to breathe and still be protected from the weather while going through the sweat, and on through the winter.
3. Open ends simplify management as the hay can have a wider "range of moisture for safe storage.
The "Secret" to making the plastic sleeves work, according to Lawless, is to have them fit snug over the bale, with the sleeve coming within a few inches of each end of the bale but not extending over the ends. "If any part of the sleeve hangs over the edge, wind can beat against it and possibly tear it. It's better to be a couple inches short of the end than to have any part of the sleeve hanging over."
Plastic Forage Savers offers the new plastic sleeves in 5 and 6 ft. widths. A package of 25 (5 ft. width) sells for $50. The firm also offers plastic bags for producers who may prefer them. A roll of 10 sells for $35.00.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Plastic Forage Savers, Joe Lawless, Jr., Pres., Rt. 2, Box 187, Jacksonville, Ill. 62650 (ph. 217 673-3931).

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