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Bale Feeder Eliminates Wasted Hay
"My neighbor built this bale feeder for me four years ago and it's really saved a lot of hay that would otherwise have gone to waste," says dairyman Harlan Phillips about the heavy-duty covered bale feeder built by his neighbor, Merlin Wing.
The feeder is 7 ft. by 8 ft. with a frame made out of 1/8-in. square tubing and panels made out of 1 1-ga. plate.
Key to success of the feeder are the V-shaped openings, which taper from 5 1/2 in. at the bottom to 15 1/2 in. on top. The design discourages cattle from pulling hay out of the feeder.
The rectangular feeder has 44 in.-high sides and a semi-circular 8-ft. dia., 4-ft. high roof made of rolled square tubing covered by metal siding.
"You'll lose at least 30% of a big round bale in a standard hay ring with no covering," says Phillips. "With this feeder, the most you'll lose to cattle or the elements will be 10%."
Other features of Wing's bale feeder include a gate in back that allows you to load the feeder with any bale handling equipment, a flip-up section on the bottom of the gate that allows you to load bales into the feeder even if there is a manure build-up, and skids that allow you to move the feeder easily.
Wing has made six of the feeders for neighbors.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Merlin Wing, 17710 U Road, Mayetta, Kan. 66509-8622 (ph 913 935-2362).

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