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Drum Mower Features Spreader
"No other mower manufacturer in the world offers this unique feature for drum-type mowers," says Reese Manufacturing of its new optional eight-finger windrow spreading attachment that fluffs and scatters the freshly-mown crop to speed drying. It's belt driven and can be installed or removed in a matter of seconds.
The unique attachment heads a long list of exclusive features which has made the Reese mower the number one seller in New Zealand where it's sold under the name "UFO" and accounts for about 60% of the total crop mower market, according to Arran Restall, manager of the firm's recently-established North American marketing and parts center, headquartered in Louisville, Kty. "We hope to cut a similarly-wide popularity swath here in the U.S. and Canada," says Restall, who notes that "the trend in both New Zealand and Australia has been from sickle to disc and now to drum type mowers, with our mower leading the parade."
The Reese drum mower is belt driven (one for each drum) and has no chains or gears, thus requiring very little maintenance. It's equipped with a simple height adjustment (from 1 to 4 in.), full length rotor skids which prevent scalping, stone guard protection and floating linkage to follow ground contours. "It'll mow up to 7.5 or more acres per hour, depending on conditions," says Restall.
Available in an 8 ft. wide model ($4,300) and a 6 ft., 9-in. model ($3,400). Add about $500 for the optional windrow spreading attachment.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Reese Engineering Sales, 425 Hubbards Lane, Louisville, Kty. 40207 (ph 502 895-1676).

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