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Grease Buster Looosens Up Frozen Fittings
This might be the handiest new tool to come along since the adjustable wrench. The "Grease Buster" is a small cylinder with a piston inside and a grease gun-type nozzle on the end that fits over a grease fitting. To free up a frozen fitting, you fill the cylinder with an oil solvent, then hit the knob on the piston shaft with your hand or tap it with a hammer. It'll force solvent into the fitting and/or bearing.
Ordinarily, the fitting will either free up instantly, or you can repeat the process after the solvent has had time to work, says inventor-manufacturer Paul Michener. Once solvent flows freely into the fitting, you can then inject grease with a gun to displace the solvent.
Michener is a custom hay baler who came up with the idea last fall as a way to solve problems with grease fittings on knotters. "Plugged grease fittings are probably more common with farm equipment than with any other type of machinery because of the conditions it operates under and because it often sits idle so long," he notes.
Sells for $19, including postage and handling. Michener is looking for dealers and distributors.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Grease Buster, T-J Tools, 5565 Lytle Road, P.O. Box 120, Waynesville, Ohio 45068 (ph 513 897-5142).

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