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Automatic Sterilizer For Vaccinating Needles
You should sterilize vaccinating needles between every injection but almost no one ever does because it takes too much time. A new automatic needle sterilizer, developed by an English farmer and soon to be available in the U.S., should solve the problem.
The "Sterimatic" hypodermic sterilizer is already available in the U.K., Australia and New Zealand and users report big reductions in abscesses caused by infection that can reduce carcass grades, or even cause rejection of animals in certain markets.
Roger Heins, president of Animedics, International Inc., is importing Sterimatic and hopes to receive FDA approval soon. He says it'll fit any hypodermic or multiple injector gun to make sterilizing a simple part of the vacination process.
"It'll eliminate 99% of all dangerous viral blood-transmitted infections which cuts down disease and irritations to livestock while increasing the value of animals with clean, abscess-free carcasses," Heins says.
The Sterimatic consists of a protective sleeve completely covering the needle that's fitted with a sterilizing cap filled with a bacteria and virus killing "biocide" chemical. The protective sleeve is spring-loaded so that when the cap is pushed against the animal it retracts, allowing the needle to penetrate through the sterilizing cap and into the animal. As the needle is withdrawn, the needle is wiped clean again and the injection site is also treated by the biocide which is held in the cap by a small sponge. Once the needle is completely withdrawn it is again protected by the Sterimatic sleeve.
"The sleeve makes it almost impossible to damage the needle and protects the operator from accidentally injecting himself," points out Heins, adding that because of the position of the cap, the needle is sterilized twice on every injection.
The new sterilizer has been fully approved in the UK and has been on the market for about 6 months. Tests have proven it capable of killing all abscess-causing bacteria and 99% of all blood transmitted viruses, says Heins.
The new sterilizer can be used for up to 200 injections. It comes in a kit with adapter rings to fit most popular injectors and hypodermics.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Animedics International, Inc., 425 John Deere Road, Fort Collins, Colo. 80524 (ph 303 493-1558).

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