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High-Capacity Sprayer
"It worked so well we've decided to set up a sideline manufacturing plant and make it available commercially," reports Lloyd Hunt, Hartford, Iowa, farmer and inventor of a highcapacity sprayer.
"We used to have spray equipment mounted on our 12 row planter but it got to be too much for the operator to watch and maintain. We took all spray equipment off the planter and built this high capacity pull type spray rig. With no plugged nozzles to watch or worry about, planting goes faster. And, with this wide boom sprayer, we can cover 60 to 80 acres an hour so we don't lose any time by planting and spraying in separate operations," Hunt explains.
Production models of the new Hunt sprayer are available in pull type, pickup mounted or "3-wheel Floater adaption" models in widths up to 120 ft. (larger on special order). The long booms are designed to stay level with the ground without the need for leveling devices. Main frames on production
models are made of 4 by 6 in. tubing with support wheels set 360 in. from center on each side. This spacing allows the sprayer to be used on 20, 30, 36 or 40 in. rows without adjustment. The wheels pivot 90? for transport. The booms on each side are hinged to fold in two places (at 60 and 90 ft.). Spray lines are made of corrosion-resistant metal tubing.
For transport, the unit folds to a narrow 6 ft. width. It's equipped with a 1,000 gal, tank and Delevan's non-drip Raindrop nozzles. According to Hunt, it will spray accurately in winds up to 25 mph. It will adjust for height to clear the tallest crops the tractor pulling it will clear, he points out.
Booms on production models will be in a straight line the entire length (no offset as shown in prototype) and they'll ride above the stabilizer wheels rather than behind, as on the prototype.
For more details, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, Lloyd Hunt, Hartford, Iowa (ph 515 989-3250 or 3729).

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