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Home Built Tractor Loader
"My old tractor loader had good traction and steering but was unstable and light in the rear so that it would tip and spin easily when loaded. The loader also made the tractor unhandy for other uses. So, I got out my drawing board and began to design a loader," says Erling Faleide, Heimdal, N. Dak. The loader he designed has the following features:
•Articulated power steering for precision steering.
•Four-wheel drive with wide stance for good traction and stability.
•Up-front seat and controls for good visibility of the bucket.
•A variety of ground speeds, particularly a fast road gear to save time.
•Accepts a standard tractor loader.
•Built from cheap and readily available truck parts for economy.
•Big enough to handle large rocks and big round bales.
•A clutch, brake, throttle, steering and shift pattern identical to that of a 2-ton truck for easy driving.
"I've used this loader for 7 years and it outworks conventional tractor loaders hands down. It could be built with other transmissions, transfer cases, and so on, but I've prepared builder's plans to be used as a reference to show dimensions, engine and transfer type, axle mounts, and so on, that will be a great help to anyone building this type of loader. The plans sells for $8.25."
For more information, con-tact: FARM SHOW Followup, Erling Faleide, Heimdal, N. Dak. 58342.

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