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Heavy-Duty Garden Tractor
This home-built garden tractor has as much pulling power as a half-ton pickup, according to the builder, Glen Woodside, Thorndale, Ontario.
It's powered by a 10-hp. Briggs & Stratton engine with a 4-speed Datsun transmission and a narrowed-down Chevírolet rear end. A belt from a 3-in. pulley on the motor runs to a 12-in. dia. pulley on the transmission with a pedal-controlled tightener for a clutch. On the output end of the transmission is a 9-tooth sprocket that drives a 40-tooth sprocket on the rear axle via a number 60 roller chain. "That gives enough speed reduction that it has a top speed of about 8 mph," notes Woodside.
The frame was welded out of 3 by 7-in. tubing. Woodside fabricated the hood, grille, and other miscellaneous compoínents. Wheelbarrow wheels mount on the front axle and 15-in. tractor tread tires mount in back.
"I used a power steering pump off an old car to make a hydraulic system to power a cylinder and 3-pt. hitch on back. I have a 1-row cultivator for garden work and we also use it for pulling hay wagons and other equipment around the farm. It's built heavy," says Woodside.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Glen Woodside, Rt. 3, Thorndale, Onítario NOM 2P0 Canada (ph 519 284-3509).

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