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Truck-Mounted Economical Drill Fill
"I couldn't find a commercial drill fill auger that would do the job on my 1950 Chevy 1 1/2-ton truck. For one thing, new electric 12-volt models run batteries down unless you have a huge alternator and the latest 12-volt electronics, and it would have been too hard to plumb one of the new hydraulic units into my truck's little hydraulic pump," says Roger Kuntz, who custom-built a drill fill out of components he had on hand.
"One big advantage of my drill fill compared with many of the commercial units I looked at is that mine mounts on the out-side of the 200-bu. truck box rather than the inside," notes the Grainfield, Kan., farmer.."That way you can still tarp your truck box."
Kuntz's unit consists of a 5-in. dia. 12-ft. long auger that's supported by a swinging boom made of steel pipe. A 110-volt, 1/3 hp electric motor that mounts at the top of the auger is powered by a 100-volt gas-powered generator mounted at the back of the truck. A length of flexible aluminum dryer vent tubing serves as an unloading spout.
In transport, the auger rides on brackets along the side of the truck box. To use for drill filling, a pin holding the auger in its transport position is removed and the bottom end of the auger swings to a hop-per in the center of the truck's tailgate. The hopper is an oil pan off an old 6-cyl. Chevy car bolted underneath the tailgate.
"I shielded the portion of the hopper where the grain enters the auger for safety," Kuntz says. "And sides of the hopper are high enough that the contents won't spill out, even when the auger is turned off."
The gas generator provides smooth, even-speed power that commercial units can't match, Kuntz adds.
Operation of the auger is controlled from the truck's cab.
A hand-cranked auger mounts inside the truck box to clean out corners.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roger Kuntz, Rt. 1, Box 69, Grainfield, Kan. 67737 (ph 913 673-5560).

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