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Loader-Mounted Bucket Works Like A Backhoe
"It'll do everything a backhoe can do and more," says Trevor Goodger-Hill, distributor of the BenBucket, a unique new backhoe-like bucket that's designed to fit any conventional tractor loader.
"The bucket is 5 ft. wide, holds about 1/4 cu. yard and will dig almost effortlessly through most soils to a depth of about 7 ft. For digging narrow trenches, you can dig from the side," explains Goodger-Hill.
Visibility is generally better than a backhoe, too, according to Goodger-Hill, noting that the BenBucket reaches out about 10 ft. in front of the tractor, 15 ft. above it and 7 ft. below.
Besides digging or cleaning out ditches, the bucket can be used for many other tasks, such as backfilling, dozing, hauling manure (since the hydraulics load the bucket, there's less tendency for the front wheels to sink in), and any other bucket work around the farm. An optional fork, which operates in the same manner as the BenBucket, is "great for digging large rocks out of the field and even raking the surface for smaller rocks," according to Goodger-Hill.
"For almost any job you'll find that the tractor is running at a lower rpm than when using a regular loader without the bucket. When hauling gravel, for instance, you don't have to charge the pile as with a conventional loader. You simply drive up to it and lower the bucket into it hydraulically. Another advantage is that with its long reach it'll stretch up over the sides of lagoons, high wagons and spreaders."
The BenBucket weighs about 500 lbs. and requires only the welding of two small brackets to the existing loader for installation. The brackets do not interfere with regular operation of the loader. Once installed, the loader can be removed at any time by simply pulling four pins. On some loaders, it may also be necessary to remove or relocate the loader parking legs to permit attachment of the BenBucket frame. The two hydraulic valves regularly used to raise the loader, and to dump it, are used to control operation of the BenBucket's double-acting cylinder.
Retails for $1,495, (Canadian dollars).
For more information contact: FARM SHOW Followup, T. Goodger-Hill, Depot Source II, Norbertville, Quebec, Canada (ph 819 382-2396).

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