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Shredder/Bedder Cellulose Mfg Plant
Our new "shredder/bedder cellulose manufacturing plant" can grind 3,000 lbs. of news-paper per hour through a 1-in. screen and compress it into 30-lb. bales encased in plastic bags. Bales measure 17 by 10 by 26 in. and weigh about 30 tbs. Capacity is 120 bales per hour. Shredded newspaper makes great bedding for dairy cows, hogs, poultry, and other livestock operations. Different screen sizes are available allowing newspapers to be ground as fine as 3/16 in. Finely ground newspaper bedding is much more absorbent than the long strips made by conventional round or small square bale choppers and are 50% to 100% more absorbent than straw or wood chips.
The system consists of an 8-ft. dia. tub grinder powered by a 225 hp diesel engine and equipped with a 500-gal. fuel tank. Electric-over-hydraulic controls regulate tub speed and prevent slugs of material while maintaining a consistent grinding output. A hydraulic auger feeds shredded material into a surge tank that collects and agitates the ground product to assure a consistent flow to the baler. Flow of material from the surge tank to the baler is computer-controlled.
Sells for $121,990 with surge tank and baler. If desired, shredded newspapers can be augered directly into a truck, saving the cost of the surge tank and baler ($38,500 for the baler). (Steve Egeland, president,
Haybuster Mfg. Inc., Box 1940, Jamestown, N. Dak. 58402 ph 701 252-4601).

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