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Corner Cushions Make Cattle Hog Pens Safer
Spring-like cushions made out of coiled-up plastic keep livestock from getting bruised on sharp corners in pens, chutes and buildings. They can even be attached to vehicles that you have to drive through animals for feeding or other chores.
Originally developed for the boating industry to mount on boat docks, U.S. and Canadian distributor Tom Hahn says it soon became clear the product would be a big hit on the farm market. "It prevents bruising and other injuries. Once installed they not only keep animals healthier while they're in your facilities, they also save you money by eliminating the bruising that can lower your grade when the animals go to market," says Hahn.
"Safety Cushions" come in 6-ft. lengths that can be auached in several different ways to corners or other obstructions. You can attach a single piece with two curled edges or add a second or third piece, inter-locking the pieces by curling common edges together. A single cushion works fine on livestock under 150 lbs. Double or triple cushions are needed for larger animals or in areas with a lot of movement.
Prices are $5.30 per foot for quantities of 18, 36 or 54 ft. The per-foot price drops as low as $3.75 per foot for orders up to 1,350 ft. Detailed instructions included.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, T. Hahn Enterprises, Inc., 135 Old Carriage Dr., Kitchener, Ontario Canada N2P 1H5 (ph 519 748-4266; fax 519 748-1577).

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