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Rig Applies Dry Fertilizer And Anhydrous Ammonia In One Pass
When the local farm service store was looking for a machine to deep band dry fertilizer and apply anhydrous ammonia at the same time, Roger Montag, Rodman, Iowa went to work and built a "pneumatic" machine to do the job.
"Studies have shown that by deep banding you can cut dry fertilizer application rates up to 50%. Plus, with simultaneous application of anhydrous, you eliminate a pass through the field," Montag points out.
His machine applies dry fertilizer 5-in. deep and the anhydrous ammonia about 7-in. deep. It consists of a conventional toolbar with anhydrous ammonia applicating knives with "beavertail" sealers. Sitting atop the unit is a 110 cu. ft. fertilizer tank.
Montag designed the rig so fertilizer's fed by a 2-in. dia. auger, ground driven off a wheel, into a chamber. Air from an 18-in. centrifugal fan creates a vacuum that carries material through 2-in. dia. tubing to the separate knives.
"There's one tube per knife and metering is done by the auger. At the toolbar, fertilizer free falls down a tube attached to the back of the knife and into the soil just at the top of the beavertail. A series of baffles at the junction of the two tubes allows the fertilizer to fall and air to escape," says Montag.
He says he can pull the 9-row model and an anhydrous ammonia tank with an International 856.
He's selling the 9-drop units with steel tank for $6,000. Models will also be available with stainless steel tank and 12 drops.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roger Montag, New Life, Inc., Box 26, Rodman, Iowa 50580 (ph 515 887-4752).

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