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Seed Monitor Kit For Grain Drils
"It works exactly like a planter monitor and gives you the same information you get when using a planter," says David Daugherty about his new harness and sensor kit for grain drills that uses your existing planter monitor.
The kit uses a pair of Dickey john "high rate" drill sensors to monitor grain drill functions. The sensors mount in a seed tube at each end of the drill and connect to a conventional planter monitor in the cab. It can be used with multiple drills or with tillage attachments mounted ahead of the drill.
"It does much more than conventional shaft monitors commonly used on drills," says Daugherty. "The Dickey john sensor is the only sensor on the market that stands up to dirt and dust and still gives an accurate count. It tells you when either of the seed drive units quits working or when the seed hopper is empty - the rocking motion of the drill will cause it to empty on the ends first. It also allows you to observe seeding rate and rate changes as seed size changes.
"It's especially useful with bulk soybeans where it's difficult to estimate your seeding rate because of uneven bean sizes or differences in varieties.
"We offer three different monitor plugs and three different lengths of cable to fit various drill configurations and monitor brands. If you install a different monitor, you just buy a new plug instead of having to replace our entire system. The cable detaches from the harness in front of the hitch so if you mount tillage equipment in front of the drill, all you need to buy is a longer cable. We also make kits for folding drills.
"The wires are protected by plastic tubing - if something rubs on it, the wire won't be affected."
A 2-sensor kit designed for a 15-ft. drill sells for $319. Optional four-sensor harness kits sell for about $200 more per drill.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Agri Motive Products, Inc., Box 418, Warren, Ind. 46792 (ph 219 375-2652).

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