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New Style Chassis For Farm Wagons
"It has the capacity of a 4-wheel wagon and the maneuverability of a 2-wheel wagon," says Verlin Wiggers, Iroquois, S. Dak., inventor of a new-style wagon chassis with castor-mounted front wheels.  -
Unlike most 4-wheel wagons, Wiggers says his 4-wheeler backs up as easily as a two wheel trailer. The key to the design, he explained to FARM SHOW, is not only in the castor wheels but also in the rigid hitch that runs under the front axle and fastens to the rear axle. This assures that the castor wheels pivot wherever the hitch goes, without offering resistance.
"The rigid tongue also makes the trailer trail better at highway speeds without swaving"points out Wiggers. He notes that a pivot point in the front tongue allows for vertical movement over uneven ground.
The 6, 8 and 10-ton models of the wagon chassis are made to accommodate conventional wagon boxes or flatbeds, which are simply butted up against the front elevated beam (see photo). Wiggers makes a rear-dump gravity feed box that fits over the front axle, a sloping back at a 35? angle. He notes that whatever the wagon box mounted on it, the chassis is designed for the most rugged field work, as well as over-the-road travel.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Verlin Wiggers, Iroquois Mfg., Iroquois, S. Dak. 57353 (ph 605 546-2221).

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