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Look What He's Doing With Old, Worn Out Tires
"This idea lets you buy old tires for practically nothing and get good use out of them," says Oliver Hagg, Salina, Kan., who's been plugging holes in old tires with a mixture of newspaper and water for the past 15 years.
Oliver slips the worn leaky tire halfway off the rim and stuffs a wad of newsprint inside about as much, he says, as is in an entire issue of FARM SHOW and then takes a grease gun and puts a bead of grease all around both sides of the rim to seal it up. Then, he puts the tire back on. Before refilling it with air, he pushes down one edge of the tire to make room for pouring in 1 to 1 gal. of water, with a little anti-freeze mixed in to keep it from rusting out the rim or freezing. He then puts in the required amount of air pressure and the tire is ready to go. The water mixes with the newsprint which is forced tightly into any air leaks that might form in the tire. Hagg who uses the idea to fill tires on plows, planters, drills, and other field equipment, notes that he's never used newspaper stuffing for tires used on a car or truck. For safety reasons, he doesn't recommend that the idea be used on over-the-road vehicles.

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1985 - Volume #9, Issue #1