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Poly Hog Hutch For Pasture Farrowing
A new portable poly A-frame "hog hutch" for pasture farrowing, which costs only half as much as conventional wooden A-frame hog hutches, has been introduced by E Z Hutch Mfg., Kettlersville, Ohio.
The hutch is 7 ft. long, 4 ft. tall and 51/2 ft. wide at the bottom. It's built from white high density molded polyethylene. It weighs only 90 lbs. and is equipped with lifting brackets on both ends. There are stake-down holes along both sides and an adjust-able vent at the rear. Edges along the front and rear door openings divert water, and there's a poly feed trough for the sow. "As far as we know, this is the first poly A-frame hutch designed for pasture farrow
ing," says Ed Wreede, owner ."Our hutch is less expensive than wooden A-frame hog hutches, which cost up to $400, and it's portable. Other companies have tried marketing plastic calf hutches for use as hog hutches but they don't work well because the sow can lay on the pigs. Our hutch has sloped sides so that when the sow lays down, she leaves 6 or 7 inches of room between her and the side for the baby pigs."
Sells for $225.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, E Z Hutch, 8800 State, Rt. 274, Kettlersville, Ohio 45336 (ph 513 693-8691).

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