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He Rebuilds Old Cultivator Shovels
You can save money by making one cultivator shovel out of two old used shovels, says Marvin Hagen, Etzikom, Alberta, who rebuilds cultivator shovels in his spare time in the winter.
"It costs me only about $2 to make each shovel. I find they actually last longer than new shovels because they're wider than most new ones," says Hagen. "I can rebuild 10 to 12 shovels in one afternoon. I rebuild the shovels on my field cultivator, but shovels on row crop cultivators could also be rebuilt this way. I don't do custom work. I just make them for my own use."
Hagen uses one 18-in. wide shovel for the outside and a 16-in. wide shovel for the inside or top. "Shovels that are worn out too much aren't worth rebuilding. You need to have 18-in. wide shovels for the outside cutting edge because a 16-in. wide used shovel will be only about 14 1/ 2 in. wide when finished. You can also use two 18-in. wide used shovels."
A. Begin with a used 18-in. wide shovel. Mark as indicated. Use a square to make a straight line that's square with the heel of the shovel. Use a cutting torch to cut straight across the front. Don't "V-cut" across the front because the point will be too short. Your result will be B.
'B. Trim B with a grinder or angle grinder.
C. Take a 16-in. wide shovel (C) and lay B on top of C, then mark and cut with torch. The result is D.
D & E. Trim D with a grinder or angle grinder. Place D on top of B and weld together with a low hydrogen welding rod. Spot weld on bottom sides.
F. Cut the heels off D so they're even with B.
G. The new finished shovel. Painting the shovel isn't necessary.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Marvin C. Hagen, Rt. 1, Etzikom, Alberta Canada T0K 0W0 (ph 403 666-2244)- Reprinted from Grainnews

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