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Moisture Monitor For Hay Balers
New for all types of hay balers is a continuous moisture monitor that lets the operator know moisture content of every bale as it's made.
"This new sensing system is especially useful when beginning a baling session, and to monitor dew levels," says Dennis Stowell, of Parowan, Utah, inventor-manufacturer.
The sensor head mounts direct to your baler in the bale chamber and is attached with a cord to a standard Delmhorst or Valley hay moisture detector which you buy separately and which mounts in the cab of your tractor or self-propelled baler.
"Moisture content readings will vary, depending on whether the hay has been turned, two windrows raked together, or other operations, and depending on whether the sensor unit is located on the bottom of the bale chamber, on the side or on the top," explains Stowell. "A good average location is about half way up the side of the bale. You can place the sensor on one side of the chamber, or on the squeeze rail lip."
Cost of the sensor and 25 ft. of cord is $82.50. A Delmhorst or Valley tester with an analog needle dial sells for right at $140 ($185 for a digital readout model) and can be removed from the cab and used, with a probe, as a portable moisture tester for loose or baled hay.
For more information, including the availability of Delmhorst or Valley hay moisture testers, contact FARM SHOW Followup, Moisture Technology Co., Dennis Stowell, president, Box 796, Parowan, Utah 84761 (ph 801477-8143).

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